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Regenstein Macaque Forest has everything snow monkeys need to stay cool, from hot spring to "hobbit hole."
Regenstein Macaque Forest has everything snow monkeys need to stay cool, from hot spring to "hobbit hole."

Cool Close-Ups

Zoom in on the wild highlights that make our snow monkey troop feel right at home.


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    Feeding Lanterns
    Designed to look like Japanese lanterns, these portable feeding stations can be moved throughout the exhibit to spur natural foraging behaviors. They can even be programmed to release food randomly, mimicking the wild!

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    Mountain Stream
    A running stream provides a great place to grab a drink, cool off with a dip or even practice the food-washing behavior that’s passed down in some Japanese macaque troops.

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    Hot Spring
    Warm and welcoming, the exhibit’s heated pool offers a comfy place to wait out winter. It replicates the natural hot springs that wild snow monkeys soak in.

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    Totally Temperate
    Other exhibit features help the macaques stay cozy, regardless of the season. Hot rocks offer a warm seat in winter while ample overhangs help the primates stay cool in the shade.

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    Nice Niches
    Rockwork, fallen trees and naturalistic topography ensure macaques have plenty of living spaces for hanging out—and getting away from each other, if need be.

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    Research Cubes
    Two booths will let snow monkeys voluntarily take part in research involving touch-screen computers. Guests can watch the monkeys at their tasks…and a “smart glass” panel gives the monkeys the option of checking out each other’s work.

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    "Hobbit Hole"
    A research tunnel running beneath the exhibit lets zoo scientists observe the macaque troop without disturbing them. Reinforced mesh screens offer the opportunity to hand out puzzles—and potential rewards.

360 View of Regenstein Macaque Forest

What do the snow monkeys see from the heart of their exhibit? Pretend you’re a primate—drag the screen to get the Japanese macaque point of view!

Time-Lapse: Building Regenstein Macaque Forest

How do you build a state-of-the-art home for snow monkeys? See Lincoln Park Zoo’s Regenstein Macaque Forest come to life in our construction time-lapse!

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